Human Resources (HR)

The HR responsibility within a business is exceptionally important for those with more than a handful of staff. With numerous different laws and legislations in place it is imperative you have relevant and timely advice.  As well as this you need to ensure the correct processes and procedures are in place, such as a disciplinary structure and Contracts of Employment. Whilst we are not able to provide specific legal advice we are able to give information on practical and pragmatic solutions to HR issues.

HR advice
As your recruitment business grows, so too will the volume of Human Resources administration you need to take care of – ask how we can help.

Contract of Employment
Setting out a relevant and suitable Contract of Employment is paramount for the security of your business and its staff.  We assist you through this process and discuss the latest information on relevant procedures and practices.

Company Handbook
Your Company Handbook should support your Contract of Employment and give your staff an easily digestible outlook of company policy and expectations.

Disciplinary structure
Every employer is likely to have to deal with a disciplinary situation at some point. We guide you on  how to go about this process from a sensible and pragmatic point of view.