Recruitment and Staff Retention

Quality staff is the key to any organisation – without good staff you won’t grow and develop your business.  Once you have found your great team keeping them is of utmost importance.

Staff Recruitment
Attracting and employing high quality staff is essential for your business. We help you create recruitment plans for your growing company, as well as advising on a variety of considerations to make before employing staff.

Staff Benefits
Offering staff benefits is a great way to increase loyalty to your business and motivate your staff but there is a lot to consider. We help create a staff benefits scheme together that works for you and your employees.

Incentivising your team is a well recognised way of motivating your staff further to achieve a better performance. However, are those being rewarded really earning it and are your incentives achievable?

Bonus and Commission Schemes
Many small businesses have a bonus or commission scheme in place – it is recognised as the best way to reward and inspire your sales team. However, these schemes come with many pitfalls and putting the right one in place can make a world of difference to your business.

Staff Structures and KPIs
Having a clear organisational structure and Performance Indicators in place is the sign of a well run and managed business.  We advise on the presentation and structure of those plans to enable your team to know how and where they fit into the organisation.