Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR)

The HR responsibility within a business is exceptionally important for those with more than a handful of staff. With numerous different laws and legislations in place it is imperative you have relevant and timely advice. As well as this you need to ensure the correct processes and procedures are in place, such as a disciplinary structure and Contracts of Employment. Whilst we are not able to provide specific legal advice we are able to give information on practical and pragmatic solutions to HR issues.

HR advice
As your recruitment business grows, so too will the volume of Human Resources administration you need to take care of – ask how we can help.

Contract of Employment
Setting out a relevant and suitable Contract of Employment is paramount for the security of your business and its staff. We assist you through this process and discuss the latest information on relevant procedures and practices.

Company Handbook
Your Company Handbook should support your Contract of Employment and give your staff an easily digestible outlook of company policy and expectations.

Disciplinary structure
Every employer is likely to have to deal with a disciplinary situation at some point. We guide you on how to go about this process from a sensible and pragmatic point of view.

Book Keeping

Book Keeping

An essential aspect to any business is bookkeeping. Firstly, without organised, well maintained records you will not easily be able to judge the performance of your business. Secondly, it is your responsibility to comply with HMRC regulations. This section tells you what we can do to help.

Credit Checking
Extending credit to a client can be a concern to many business owners, especially if it is at the beginning of a relationship. We help you investigate your potential client’s financial status and offer recommendations on your decision.

Sales Invoices
Invoicing clients for the work you have done is essential. We take the stress and time expenditure out of this important task, allowing you to push ahead with your business.

Debtor/Credit Control
Making sure your invoices are paid on time is essential for keeping your business and cash flow running smoothly. Unfortunately, lots of business owners don’t have time to keep on top of this.

Staff Expenses
To your staff, payment of expenses is paramount. However, it is a distraction that can take time and focus away from other pressing concerns for management.

Internal Payroll
We manage your entire internal payroll – something that needs to be accurate and on time, every time. We will ensure your staff are paid without interruption or issue.

Managing Overheads
Keeping track of your overheads is a must for any business. Making sure they don’t overwhelm the business should always be in mind, but it can be easy to miss when the business is focused on sales and business development.

Cashflow Management and Banking
Monitoring your cash flow is fundamental to the performance of your business, but do you have the time to gather the necessary data and perform all your banking tasks?

Supplier Invoices
Paying your supplier invoices can be time consuming. Managing payment dates and transactions constantly pulls the business owner away from sales and business development.

VAT, tax, auditing
Ensuring your business is compliant organised and tax efficient is a major step towards building a highly successful organisation.

Business Planning

Business Planning

Having a solid Business Plan is an important part of running a business. To have a clear vision of where you are trying to take the business, not only for the owner but also for the staff is key. We advise on all aspects of Business Planning whether a simplified or detailed plan is needed. From experience a lengthy set of written documents is often unnecessary, it is better to keep these simple, short and snappy.

Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan is the high level written plan that would normally involve a Vision, Mission and Key Objectives statement.

Financial Plan
The Financial Plan is the plan that contains all the financial projections including Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet calculations.

Business or Marketing Plan
The Business or Marketing Plan outlines ‘how’ you are going to achieve your Vision for the business.



There are several aspects of running an SME that will need a legal perspective. Whilst it is important to have a legal partner to the business there is a lot that can be achieved by taking a reasonable and practical approach to legal matters without incurring large fees.

Commercial Contracts
If you are engaging with new clients we advise on the essential elements of a contract to ensure the risks to your business are minimised.

Terms of Business
Your Terms of Business are a vital part of running your business and need to be kept up to date and current. We review your terms and give any practical comments where appropriate.

Employment Advice
Staying up-to-date with ever-changing HR legislation is not easy. We pass on the benefit of our experience of dealing with these matters from a real life perspective.

Business Compliance

Business Compliance

Finance, VAT, Tax, Auditing – all items that can cause many SME’s some difficulty. We take the stress out of Business Compliance for you and your business.

Business Taxation
Paying tax correctly and on time is an essential aspect of running your business. However, no-one likes paying tax and motivating yourself to get it all organised can be hard work. Why not let us take care of it for you?

Business Processes and Accreditation
Having clearly defined business processes will help your staff and your business become ever more efficient. We help you achieve this, as well as guiding you through accreditation with recognised industry bodies.

Company Formation
If you are looking to go it alone and become your own boss, the thought can be very exciting. However, the realities and tasks related to setting up a business are numerous and can be very daunting.

Business Administration

Business Administration

General business administration can draw all your business development time away. Directors and managers are often the only people available for this – which is where we come in. We can facilitate all of these functions for you.

Companies House
The filing of relevant company data is a legal requirement of running a business and we ensure these are filed on time and accurately.

The filing of VAT returns, PAYE payments and National Insurance returns are all important to do in a timely manner.

Insurance cover is something that every business needs, but do you know which are relevant?

Recruitment & Staff Retention

Recruitment & Staff Retention

Quality staff is the key to any organisation – without good staff you won’t grow and develop your business. Once you have found your great team keeping them is of utmost importance.

Staff Recruitment
Attracting and employing high quality staff is essential for your business. We help you create recruitment plans for your growing company, as well as advising on a variety of considerations to make before employing staff.

Staff Benefits
Offering staff benefits is a great way to increase loyalty to your business and motivate your staff but there is a lot to consider. We help create a staff benefits scheme together that works for you and your employees.

Incentivising your team is a well recognised way of motivating your staff further to achieve a better performance. However, are those being rewarded really earning it and are your incentives achievable?

Bonus and Commission Schemes
Many small businesses have a bonus or commission scheme in place – it is recognised as the best way to reward and inspire your sales team. However, these schemes come with many pitfalls and putting the right one in place can make a world of difference to your business.

Staff Structures and KPIs
Having a clear organisational structure and Performance Indicators in place is the sign of a well run and managed business. We advise on the presentation and structure of those plans to enable your team to know how and where they fit into the organisation.

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

We are familiar with the essential requirement of having a stable and resilient IT infrastructure and we have practical experience of setting up and running appropriate systems. We can also introduce you to other companies who support IT systems that we know and have worked with before.

Having a sound and secure IT network is another must have for your business. Ensuring your servers remain online providing access to documentation, e-mails and internet for your staff at all times. Find out how we can help you get set up, replace existing systems or upgrade what you already have.

Your staff will spend a lot of their time on their PC. Having good quality equipment allows your staff to work more efficiently, as well as keeping technical frustrations to a minimum.

Phone Systems
Your phone system is the lifeblood of your company, we advise on the range of equipment we have found successful.

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